The best digital form solution for your business.

Easy to deploy and manage!
Turn all your paper forms into digital forms!

i-Reporter was chosen as a leading product in two categories during the Winter 2022 awards.

  • * ITreview is Japan's largest site of user currated reviews and ratings. It holds quarterly events to award the best software in numberous categories.

Many companies in various industries implemented i-Reporter.

No.1 market share in paperless
solution in Japan!

Turn your existing paper forms or
Excel Documents into
powerful digital forms


Your paper forms and Excel forms convert to digital forms with no programming or retraining

The forms your employees know work exactly the same, no need to spend endless hours retraining. Forms work intuitively and capture data accurately.
No need to spend hours retraining how to use the digital form.

Reduce input errors and capture
various kinds of data.

i-Reporter allows you to set ranges for data input, set required data fields,
embed photos from the iPhone/iPads camera,
read barcodes or QRCodes, plus many more.
Make sure the data entered into forms is accurate and all essential data is captured.

Always know what is happening on the manufacturing floor or in the field.

Data from forms is instantly available once the form is uploaded to the server.
The data can then be exported via CSV, Excel, PDF, or to other systems via
the built-in API.

  • i-Reporter is feature-rich and puts everything someone on-site or production floor in one app

    Users can reference manuals, take photos, check schedules, and their data is accessible in real-time.
    i-Reporter can also be customized for any industry, or workflow, to make sure on-site users collect data quickly and accurately.

  • Robust user, group, and role management with many security features built-in

    i-Reporter is flexible enough to work with most any organizations' management hierarchy or approval processes.
    Secure the data collected and stored on the server by setting access control permission to forms and data fields within forms in addition to per device authorization, expiring accounts, and more.

  • Enter more kinds of data that with a paper form

    Populate forms with data from external systems (ERP, CRM, etc.), embed images directly on forms, GPS data, tool for measuring, bar/QR codes, and more.
    * GPS data requires an iOS or iPadOS device with GPS functionality

Awards and Adoption

Companies in various industries and sizes have deployed
i-Reporter in their businesses.

Ranked the number 1 paperless form solution in Japan by marketshare!

  • Market share increased to 42.3%
    to be the top software in the
    "Issuing document/management solution field"
    by ConTech Marketing

    References:2021.05.18 Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute
    "Actual situation and fine-view 2021 of the ConTech cloud solution market"

  • The paperless reporting solution for on-site work
    i-Reporter grew to be used in 36.1% of the
    Japanese domestic market
    for paperless reporting solutions.

    References: As researched by Fuji Chimera Reasearch Institure, Inc. in Feb.
    YEAR of ICT Revolution during the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Userbase
    Over 146,390 users are using i-Reporter

    (As of February, 2023)

  • Businesses who Trust i-Reporter
    Deployed in over 3,184 companies

    (As of February, 2023)

Flow chart until implementation

If you are planning to implement i-Reporter or even just interested in,
please feel free to contact us.
We can provide information about i-Reporter and show the demonstration or having consultation in detail.
We strongly support customer through installation to operation.


Is i-Reporter available on Android devices? Q.1

No, there is no i-Reporter App for Android devices.

Can i-Reporter be used offline without a network connection? Q.2

Yes, data can be inputted into forms without a network connection. The form is downloaded and stored locally. Once a connection is available, the filled out form(s) and data can be uploaded.

Are all Excel function available? Q.3

At this time only about forty (40) functions are supported. Please refer to this page ( for more information.

Is there support for inputting data via voice? Q.4

Voice input is only supported in Japanese.


  • 2023/2/3

    Industry-specific animation videos are now available.

    We have released the product introduction videos to introduce i-Reporter in an easy-to-understand way.

    ◆ Logistics

    ◆ Agriculture

    ◆ Construction

    ◆ Inspections

    ◆ manufacturing

    There are various videos on our YouTube channel, so please watch them!

  • 2022/12/16

    i-Repo Web, a new free feature for i-Reporter

    【Product summary】
    A web browser-based system allows anyone to easily log work activities and create reports by following the built-in guidance system. New forms can be made without any programming.
    i-Repo Web is a new free feature for i-Reporter. Anyone with a valid i-Reporter license can deploy i-Repo Web.

    【Main features of i-Repo Web】
    -Beginner users can fill out reports easily and accurately. Standardize and streamline on-site reporting.
    -Automatically generate reports from the inputted data on-site. Integration with other systems is also supported.
    -Web browser-based access means no limitations by device or operating system (OS)
    -Develop your web forms without having to do any programming!

    Click here to learn more about i-Repo Web
  • 2022/11/7

    Notice of New year holidays closure

    CIMTOPS will be closed for the following days for the new year holidays:

    From: Thursday, 29th December 2022
    To: Monday, 9th January 2023

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    For any emails sent to us or calls left as voicemails, we will reply to them once we’re all back in the office (remotely) starting Tuesday, 10th January 2023.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

Companies in various industries and sizes have deployed
i-Reporter in their businesses.
Ranked the number 1 paperless form solution in Japan by marketshare!


Use your existing paper forms or Excel forms as electronic forms on the go.
The best digital form solution for your business.