Is i-Reporter compatible with Android? Q


Android version is not available, but Chat input and Web app version will be released.

Is it possible to use it in areas without the network? Q


It can be used even when there is no signal. As i-Reporter is a native application, it can be used even without a network if the necessary forms are downloaded.

Does i-Reporter English version support voice input? Q


Voice input supports Japanese only.

Do all Excel functions available? Q


Currently, about 40 Excel functions are supported. For more details, please check the following URL.

Linkage with core systems Q


It can be linked with the core system by using the external system linkage API and ConMas Gateway.

Is it possible to build an i-Reporter server environment on MicroSoft Azure or AWS? Q


It’s possible. It can be built if the operating environment conditions are met.

Does i-Reporter support Bluetooth barcode readers? Q


It can be used with devices that can communicate using HID profiles.

Is it possible to build an i-Reporter environment in a virtual environment? Q


It can be built if the requirements for the operating environment are met.

Can the i-Reporter database (PostgreSQL) be viewed directly? Q


You can refer to the DB view when using the on-premise version.

Is it possible to migrate data from the trial license? Q


Data migration is available. Please let us know when you place your order that you would like to have your data transferred.

Is it possible to automatically output the data of the forms that were entered? Q


The created document data can be output automatically or manually in PDF, Excel, CSV, and XML formats.

Is it possible to use a Windows PC that is not a tablet type as the input device? Q


If your PC meets the required specifications for i-Reporter Windows version, you can use it without a touch screen.

Do I need to choose either one between iPad and Windows as the input device? Q


There is no need to select the device type in advance; both iOS and Windows devices can be used.

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