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Field workers can input data easily, without load and without error.
We have also thoroughly pursued easy-to-read and easy-to-understand forms.

Applicable for iPad, iPhone, Windows
Paperless with tablet devices

This is a tool which can directly input the form instead of filling out by hand writing.
The user can complete inputting and reporting forms by single tablet.
Our native application can be operated fast and light even without network connection.

The familiar excel formats can be transferred directly into digital forms
Anyone can input intuitively without operating instructions!

Can be transferred the forms you have used up to now without any modification, so user won't be confused what to input next.
Greatly reduced the time for education and training to field workers "How to operate i-Reporter"

Able to input fast and accurate with more than 30 varieties of digital input functions

For each input content, input method of formats can be predefined, such as text, numeric, choice, date, etc.
Not only reduces variation in input content and error by each worker, but also speeds up input and improves work efficiency.

The list for degital inputs

  • Keyboard Input

    Input can be made using the keyboard functions of various devices.

  • Value

    A numeric keypad is displayed for inputting numbers.
    If you set threshold, error message can be displayed when a number other than the normal value is entered.

  • Choice

    It is possible to input information by selecting from the specified options.

  • Checking

    Enter check mark such as circle and tick.

  • Date

    Select the date from calender. (Automatic input is also available)

  • Time

    Select the time from pull down list. (Automatic input is also available)

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  • Recording

    Recording with a tablet then attached to format.

  • Image

    Paste the photographed image to fit the size of the frame.

  • Free draw

    Write freely with a pen, draw shapes and circled text.
    Also able to take pictures and paste the images and enter the text.

  • Signature

    Handwritten signatures and impressions can be made.

  • Calculation

    Calculation can be made automatically by setting four arithmetic operations and excel functions (38types).

  • User information

    Enter the information about user logging in.

  • Biometric authentication function

    Can be used when logging in or starting up forms, inputting some restricting fields.

    *Only available for iOS

  • Set buttons

    Can be set buttons in various situations. (For example, move on next page,URL link etc)

  • Check required fields

    User can check whether required fields are entered or not at the time of completely saving or arbitrary timing.

  • Numbering

    Automatic numbering when save into server,number is entered in forms.

  • Input in order

    Can be set the order to input in forms.

  • Page copy

    Even if the number of input fields changes from job to job, you can copy specific pages of a form to increase the number of input fields.

  • Carbon-copying function

    The entered value can be copied and displayed.

  • Automatic creation of weekly and monthly reports

    This function automatically creates weekly and monthly reports from multiple daily reports created separately.

  • QR code generation

    Multiple values in input forms can be immediately QR-coded.

  • Reading Barcode

    Enter text through reading bar-codes & QR-codes.

    *Reading with handy barcode reader with bluetooth connection is also possible.
    *Only the camera in iOS device can read.

  • Custom master

    By selecting the value of one item to input, the values registered in the master can be automatically entered only with one shot for other related input items.

Custom master

Allows to input easier and error-free, and quiker for many input fields.

By selecting the value of one item to input,
the values registered in the master can be automatically entered one time for related input items.

  • STEP1

    Tap the master selection cluster to be the parent

  • STEP2

    Select data record to be used from master record list

  • STEP3

    The selected recorded information will be entered into parent and child clusters

Create new format by copying existing format

With Manager and application, user can create new input format by copying existing format.

This function creates a new input form using information from a previous form that has already been input.
This is useful, for example, when a new inspection is to be performed using the results of a previous inspection.

View drawings, procedures and other related documents

While recording and reporting in the field, related documents such as drawings and procedures can be viewed at the same time.

Edit form by several inputters at the same time

Share the form being edited and edit it at the same time among multiple inputters

Create, reviewed, stamped and signed for approval

Even for creation, review, and approval can be digitized exactly as they are, by setting up the approval route.

The following information is saved with the image data of each stamp and handwritten signature

  • User ID of Report Writer / Reviewer / Approver
  • Date & Time of Write / Review / Approve
  • Name of Report Writer / Reviewer / Approver
  • Comment when Write / Review / Approve

Easy to create the form and report

To help you find forms to fill out quickly, a simple menu and functions to support seamless launch of forms from a separate application are also provided.
Non-stress use in the field, such as by menuing forms in daily use.

The way of start up the form

  • Form Library

    Displays a list of template forms and input forms.
    Only authorized input forms are displayed and can be saved to the tablet if allowed.

  • Schedule function

    The form can be launched from the calendar,if the form is being set to work with.

  • Custom Menu

    By setting up your own menu screen customize to your operation, easier and quicker to start up the form.
    Automatic reporting from barcodes, QR codes, etc. is also possible.

  • Custom URL Scheme

    i-Reporter application can be launched from other operation applications.
    It is also possible to specify the operation when starting up by using a patter meter.

Custom Menu

By setting custom menus, easier, error-free, and quicker input

Custom menu function allows users to set their own screens and distribute them to their devices

Barcodes, QR codes, iBeacon, NFC, etc. are read by the specified device and automatically generated.

Operation image using custom menu

Custom URL Scheme

Support to work / link with other application in Windows / iOS

i-Reporter application can be started up from a web browser business operation application

It is possible to specify and start up operation by passing parameters when starting the i-Reporter application

It is possible to specify and start up operation by passing parameters when starting the i-Reporter application

Image of system construction using custom URL scheme

Batch download and upload

Under online environment such as in office, formats and formwork definition can be downloaded in batches from server to device
After working at offline environment then go back to the place online, all the forms once have saved can be uploaded in batches (After uploading,storage forms on the iPad itself are automatically deleted.)

Many companies in various industries implemented i-Reporter
No.1 market share in paperless solution in Japan!


The familiar excel formats can be transferred
directly into digital form
Digital Field Report System

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