Introduction of i-Reporter functions

i-Reporter App

This is a tool which can directly input the form instead of filling out the forms by hand writing.
With various interface of this tool, you can complete everything by single tablet, inputting, photographs, report. Our native application can be operated fast and light even without network connection.

Operating Environment(iOS)
Above iOS 10 Above iPad2 Above iPhone5 (Above iOS7)
Operating Environment(Windows)
Above windows7 Applicable to Windows10

i-Reporter App

Forms Selection

Schedule function

If a user has set up forms in calendar, you can check and start up forms directly.

Custom menus

Just tap your own menu to start up your task.

Users are also able to start up designated forms or documents from barcode and QR code.

Document Library

Displays a list of forms and documents.

Only documents for which the user has authority are displayed, and if the user has permission, user can save them to the tablet.

Useful Function

Mandatory input check

When users have finished inputting and saved or at any desired time, possible to check whether required items have been inputted or not.

Numbering function

When users save files to the server, automatically numbered and input to the documents.

Input in order

Users can input forms in the order as setting up.

Copy page

It is possible to copy specified pages of a document and increase the number of input fields. Users can select the position for inserting the copied page and inputted values can be copied together.

Carbon copy

User can copy the entered value and display on the other document

Copy documents

User can create new documents with reusing copied documents that have completed input.

How to Input

Binder function

User can create new document with using several separate documents.

Audio Recording

User can attach the sound on format recorded on tablet.


It is possible to input on a keybord to form.


Users can not only to input the text but also to write freely with the pen. Possible to take photographs with tablet camera, paste the taken photographs and other diagrams.


You can input the values with numeric keypad. If you set threshold, error message can be displayed when you enter abnormal number.


It is possible to calculate automatically by setting four arithmetic operations and excel function(40types).


You can select a date. (Automatic input is also possible. (Possible to input automatically)


You can select the time and enter to the form. (Possible to input automatically)


You can enter with check mark, circle etc..


You can enter from the selection you.


You can paste images you have taken adjusting the size with the flame.

Barcode&QR code

It is possible to read the barcode or QR code to enter the information into a tablet.


You can enter your signature by handwriting or imprint.


Regarding function for approval request, authorizer can approve or decline.

Action Button

You can arrange and set the button the way you like. (For example, save server, move up pages, URL link)

User information

Enter the information about user.

Input from master data

Select a master and input master's data into the form.

QR code generation


"Biometric (Touch ID / Face ID)" function of iOS and iPad OS is supported.